Blown away by Titan's work, efficiency, and price. I don't write a lot of reviews but after seeing the nightmare and money pit a friend recently went through with some "fence guy" he found, I figured I would try to help save someone a lot of heartburn (and money) by sharing my great experience with Titan.

We have two large dogs and two small children, all of whom like to explore. We just bought a house with a fairly large back yard and, especially since we are close to some busier streets, wanted to get the yard fenced in as soon as possible.

We called Titan, and they bent over backwards to work with our schedule and the then homeowner (this was the weekend before we closed), to come take a look at what we wanted/needed/and to get the information they would need to give us a quote.

Not only were they incredibly knowledgeable about fencing, they were so conscientious of home security issues that we weren't even thinking about and of property lines and boundary issues with the neighbors. Given some of the unique issues with our new yard (including one neighbor with sprinklers that are probably on our property in some places), I have a feeling that we would have had some unhappy neighbors right out of the gate, had we not been so fortunate to find Titan.

Because we figured it would be a lot easier, faster, and cheaper, we were originally going to just do chain link. There was no upsell, but since we ultimately wanted wood, we asked if they could give us a quote on both. We were amazed when both quotes were well under what we had budgeted (they also put in gates in three places when we thought we would only be able to afford one). So, we went with the wood.

We closed on a Friday, and they came and set all the fence posts that same afternoon as soon as the property was ours. If the concrete didn't need to dry, I think they would have been done on Friday, too. Came back on Monday morning, and my wife sent me pictures of a gorgeous wooden privacy fence with three gates that was completely finished later that afternoon. I honestly have no idea how they were able to build with such quality, so quickly.

I'm sure there are other fencing companies in Nashville that do good work, but I find it hard to believe that they are out there that do the same quality of work, with the same efficiency, at the same price. Don't think you will be disappointed.


Great work, great price, and excellent customer service! Process was pretty easy after inquiring for a free estimate after seeing the great job Titan did on my neighbor's fence.

Randy was happy to assist with my PVC fence request and eased my fears of the 10%+ grade level on the side of my home, in which another company stated they would not be able to "rack" the vinyl with this kind of drop off. Josh and crew were able to finish the job in less than a day and we were able to complete a thorough walk-thru in which Josh explained some of the ins and outs of the fence.

I've already had a few people in my subdivision inquiry about my fence and I am glad to recommend Titan to anyone.

“Top notch work from a top notch company. 

My wife and I wanted a vinyl fence for our backyard so we could have something with low maintenance and long lasting quality, but we also wanted privacy without looking like a prison.

I spoke with several companies and ultimately went with Titan because they came in with one of the most reasonable estimates out of the lot of them. In fact, one company even tried to go $1 under them, after they were told what Titan’s quote was. Really? Either you can compete with them, or you can’t.

Trust me, after seeing their quality of work, I don’t think most companies around here can compete at all with Titan.

Randy was quick to come out, check the property, give me an honest estimate and even gave me some options on gates and worked within the constraints of our HOA rules. After we agreed on the layout and the price, their crew came out quickly and the installation was smooth.

Our property has a fairly steep slope that these guys had to work with (Close to a 20% grade!) and I was concerned with any gaps in the fence because of our pet. Josh was our crew’s leader and he went over the plans with me and even suggested the best location for the fence’s gate because of the slope and the concern for minimal gap.

Over half of the fence went up on the first day (They had to stop a little early due to a nasty storm that blew in) and the next day they were back bright and early to finish the job.

Once they were done, I inspected the whole job – If I got down on my hands and knees and measured, I’d say there was (at the largest gap) 1-2″ between the fence and ground. In most places it was about half an inch off the ground! For a 6′ privacy fence to be placed that tightly on uneven, sloping ground tells me exactly what I needed to know about this company – they care about quality in their work.

Neighbors have already started asking who put up our beautiful fence and I can tell this company will be getting more work in our area this summer!”

“Again thanks so much for the quick install. Josh and his men were very accommodating and professional and did one hell of a job.  Having 3 dogs and my wife babysitting 3 young grandkids you can imagine how hard it is to keep an eye on all of them.  The fence has been a godsend.  We are especially grateful for Randy moving up the install date a week early for her. We will definitely refer your company. Take care.”
“The fence looks great!  Everything we expected; wife and I both agree.  Your guys were courteous and considerate.  Neighbor next door just lost her husband and the funeral was today.  They worked on the side away from the house until she left for the funeral and finished it before she got home…Let me know if I can give any references.”
“The guys did a great job on the fence. It looks awesome.  Josh and the guys are such hard workers, and they are very proud of their work as they should be….  Thank you and your crew for an awesome job. ”
“To everyone at Titan Gate & Fence, my wife and I thank you. I cannot tell you how impressed I was with the entire process of our fence installation. We had approximately 8 acres fenced including 3 board wood, field fence, and kennel fencing. Josh and his crew went above and beyond on every aspect, handling every request I threw at them, even when my omissions meant additional work for them, they said ‘no problem’ and did the work in a friendly manner. Thanks! Joey came in and handled our custom posts and painting in an exceptional manner. Finally Brent, the owner handled the logistics of the project flawlessly. Titan Fence is ‘as good as it gets.’ Thanks!”
“I am very pleased with the installation of my fence. the job was very professional and was installed in very good time. I needed a followup on some work and the repaired it for no cost which was unexpected by me. I really appreciate the concern they have for their customers.”
“The fence and installation was very nicely done. It looks great and we are pleased with the outcome.  Joey did a nice job. He cleaned up after his work. We very much appreciate his insights and suggestions for making the job turn out better. ”
Thank you,
“Thanks again for the excellent work and the help on the cost. It is hard to find someone in this day and age that keeps their word and supplies an excellent product. You are one of a very few that does that.”

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